Topic: Probability Theory
Statistical Probability
What is this module about?

In probability theory, processes that show regularities if they are observed frequently are being looked at. These regularities consist in the relative frequency of special outcomes that become stabilised in long series of experiments. This leads to probabilities. In a second step, probabilities are defined more generally and detached from the performing of the experiments. For special random experiments the probabilities emerge in an obvious, simple way. Specific experimental questions lead to further terms of probability theory. Of special interest are the conditional probabilities and the independence of events.

applet "throw of coins"
applet "Venn-diagram I"
applet "Venn-diagram II"
Characterisation of random experiments, with their outcomes and the sample space
Calculating with events
Events in the Venn-diagram
Drawing pin
Publicity of two brands of a product
Conditional probability
Christmas party
Consequences of the prevalence
Blue Monday
Finding of the situation of independence
Ill together?
Sample spaces and Events of different Random experiments
Murphy's law
Fire-alarms - calculating with probabilities
Playing cards
6 hits in lotto
Nearly behind every ball follows a child
The Elisa-test for HIV
Four playing cards